Agribusiness Management





The Agribusiness Management course is a 2-week program that provides learners with a broad knowledge and understanding of the agribusiness world.

During the 2-week course, students will receive training content that will help the to be hands-on when analyzing, planning and managing their agribusiness enterprises. Additionally, students will be empowered to convert what they have learnt into proper sustainable and profitable farming practices.

Learners will have an in-depth understand agribusiness principles, concepts and strategies applicable in agricultural context for planning and for proper decision-making.

The principal objective of this course is to enable farmers to transition from their farm holds from a subsistence farming to a profitable and economically viable enterprises.

After completion of the program, students will be better equipped and empowered to lead their enterprises or teams by making optimal use of resources sustainably to maximize production while preserving the environment. Upon completing of this course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate and articulate the basic practices for establishing effective relationships in the agribusiness environment together with the codes that regulate employment relationships and contracts of engagement.
  • Be effective team leaders and adept “agripreneurs”.
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of legal frameworks and safe working practices on farms.
  • Able to successfully register, establish and operate their own agribusinesses.
  • Articulate a clear understanding of the key financial concepts required in order to run a successful, profit-making farming business.
  • Articulate the importance of successful marketing for a farming business and the various strategies available to ensure success.
  • Be Familiar with the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards and how to apply them in real world.

Note: This course is designed based on appropriate global agribusiness management standards.


Students will receive an online certificate after completion of the course.


After completing this course, the students will have more insight on:

  • The basic principles that apply to an agribusiness.
  • Concepts relating to development of business plans, marketing plans, agribusiness risk management, human resources and financial acumen.
  • Basic economic concepts and market dynamics of demand and supply as applicable to agriculture and agribusiness.


Eagmark’s online courses combine e-learning with hands-on and shared real-world learning experiences and opportunities using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Students learn independently through the Eagmark Online Learning Campus (OLC)
  2. Faculty/tutors and students work collaboratively through the Eagmark OLC to share information and exchange knowledge.
  3. Students do remote practical assignments and record their work with a mobile device and upload the photos or video as evidence on the Eagmark OLC.

The Eagmark OLC includes advanced tools and functionalities that enable a full suite of blended learning environment. The OLC delivers this functionality through powerful, secure and personalized learning experiences.

Each course cohort is allocated a tutor who oversees the progress of the students. The tutors ensure regular communication and provide guidance as appropriate. The Eagmark OLC also provides a platform for students to communicate with each other and share their course experiences. This provides an advanced, more interactive and meaningful learning experience.