Avocado Production





The Online Avocado Production Training course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of avocado cultivation and management through a convenient and flexible online learning platform. The course will cover various aspects of avocado production, including cultivation techniques, pest and disease management, irrigation, pruning, harvesting, post-harvest handling, marketing, and economic considerations. Participants will have access to multimedia content, interactive modules, discussion forums, and self-assessment tools to enhance their learning experience.

The  course is a 4-week program designed to give learners a foundational knowledge of business, operational and management practices in the agricultural context.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    1. Understand the fundamentals of avocado cultivation and production.
    2. Identify and manage common pests and diseases affecting avocado trees.
    3. Implement appropriate irrigation and fertilization practices for avocado orchards.
    4. Apply effective pruning and training techniques for avocado trees.
    5. Determine the optimal time for harvesting avocados and implement proper post-harvest handling practices.
    6. Develop strategies for marketing avocados and exploring market opportunities.
    7. Evaluate the economic viability of avocado production and make informed decisions.
    8. Understand the basic principles that apply to Avocado production.
    9. Identify concepts relating to Avocado biology, soil preparation, cultivation, pest and disease control and harvesting;
    10. Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the basics of avocado production related to all avocado affiliated industries.
    11. Clear elucidate the importance of specific avocado production practices and apply them in real life.

Note: This course is designed based on appropriate global agronomic and agribusiness management standards.


Students will receive an online certificate after completion of the course.


Introduction to Avocado Production

  • Introduction to the course and overview of avocado production
  • Avocado industry trends and market demand
  • Understanding avocado plant anatomy and physiology
  • Avocado cultivar selection and rootstock considerations

Orchard Establishment and Management

  • Site selection and soil preparation for avocado orchards
  • Avocado planting techniques and orchard layout
  • Irrigation systems and water management
  • Fertilization and nutrient management for avocado trees

Pest and Disease Management

  • Identification and control of common pests affecting avocado trees
  • Management of avocado diseases and disorders
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies for avocados
  • Safe and responsible pesticide use in avocado production

Pruning, Training, and Harvesting

  • Pruning principles and techniques for avocado trees
  • Training systems for optimal tree structure and productivity
  • Factors affecting avocado fruit quality and maturity
  • Harvesting methods and post-harvest handling practices

Marketing and Economics of Avocado Production

  • Avocado market channels and consumer preferences
  • Packaging, grading, and quality standards for avocados
  • Value-added avocado products and market diversification
  • Financial analysis and economic considerations for avocado production


Eagmark’s online courses combine e-learning with hands-on and shared real-world learning experiences and opportunities using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Students learn independently through the Eagmark Online Learning Campus (OLC)
  2. Faculty/tutors and students work collaboratively through the Eagmark OLC to share information and exchange knowledge.
  3. Students do remote practical assignments and record their work with a mobile device and upload the photos or video as evidence on the Eagmark OLC.

The Eagmark OLC includes advanced tools and functionalities that enable a full suite of blended learning environment. The OLC delivers this functionality through powerful, secure and personalized learning experiences.

Each course cohort is allocated a tutor who oversees the progress of the students. The tutors ensure regular communication and provide guidance as appropriate. The Eagmark OLC also provides a platform for students to communicate with each other and share their course experiences. This provides an advanced, more interactive and meaningful learning experience.


Participants will be assessed through online quizzes, assignments, and a final examination. Successful participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion, recognizing their achievement in the Online Avocado Production Training course.