Sustainable Food Systems



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The Sustainable Food System (SFS) program by Eagmark Online Learning Campus (OLC) offers e-learning modules aimed at providing you with the expertise and tools necessary to address complex food system challenges using systems thinking. This online course empowers you to shape resilient food systems capable of providing equitable nourishment to a growing global population, even in challenging conditions. Throughout the program, participants delve into various aspects of creating a sustainable future for food systems, exploring the necessary changes at micro-, meso-, and macro-levels to revolutionize food production, processing, distribution and consumption. With guidance from Eagmark OLC’s experienced faculty, participants discover innovative business models, technologies, and processes to integrate sustainability into food supply chains, while also developing actionable strategies to lead this transformation within their own organizations or sectors. By the course’s conclusion, participants consolidate their learning through multiple sessions and content, ultimately crafting their own Action Plan to spearhead sustainability initiatives tailored to their contexts.

This course caters to individuals involved in all stages of global or local food systems, ranging from suppliers to consumers. Agricultural professionals acquire practical tools to deliver nutritious, affordable, and sustainable food for all. Professionals in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and service sectors, including supply chain and procurement professionals, food and beverage managers, restaurateurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs, gain insights into scalable models for building resilient food systems. Additionally, analysts, policymakers, consultants, and lobbyists in finance, marketing, and public relations learn to effectively advocate for sustainable food production, processing, and consumption.

The course emphasizes the importance of systems thinking and adopting a sustainable food systems approach to enhance project and policy design for the development and transformation of sustainable food systems. Through the online module, food systems stakeholders, particularly practitioners and policymakers, are equipped with the knowledge, tools, skills, and competencies needed to apply systems thinking to tackle complex food system challenges. It underscores how this approach significantly enhances project and policy design for sustainable food systems development and transformation.


Gain valuable and relevant skills, and walk away with:
  • A thorough understanding of the current and future food system, and of the most urgent solutions to modern food insecurity concerns.
  • Greater knowledge and understanding of how innovations, novel technologies, new business models, and refined processes can help build more resilient food systems.
  • Practical leadership skills to improve individual growth, drive organizational change, take advantage of opportunities in the market, and embed sustainability into the food supply chain.
Master the art of leadership in an evolving landscape
  1. Acquire verifiable competencies and sharable certificate of recognition, conveniently online and at your own pace.
  2. Engage in a personalized online learning journey supported by dedicated facilitators.
  3. Embrace a flexible yet structured approach to online education, allowing you to tailor your learning around your life and meet milestones effectively.


Module 1: Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems
Module 2: Healthy Sustainable Diets Versus Environmental Impact and Conservation
Module 3: Food Loss and Food Waste
Module 4: The Circular Economy, Local Economy and Alternative Systems for Resilience
Module 5: Agriculture Economics in Sustainable Food Systems
Module 6: Inclusive Business Models (IBMs) in Agriculture
Module 7: Systems Thinking Approach to Sustainable Food Systems Development


  • Quizzes and Assignments after each module
  • Participation in Discussion Forums
  • Final Examinations


Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certification from Eagmark Agri-Hub, recognizing their expertise in Sustainable Food Systems.


The course will be delivered through a combination of videos, interactive online sessions, and reading materials. Participants will have access to a dedicated online platform with resources, discussion forums, and a community of fellow learners.


The course is open to individuals with an interest in food sustainability, a background or interest in sustainable agriculture, economics, environmental science, or related fields. No prior expertise is required.


The program is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, with approximately 6-10 hours of commitment per week.

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