Livestock Management





The Livestock Management short course is a 1-week online training program designed to teach learners on animal husbandry and livestock in the agricultural sector.

During the one week period, students will receive a comprehensive overview of animal management, nutrition and feed, health and breeding practices. After completion of this level, students will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge in livestock production and management.

Note: This course is designed based on appropriate global livestock management standards.


Students will receive an online certificate after completion of the course.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Perform the farming practices as applicable to livestock production, taking responsibility for the quality and quantity of outputs under supervision.
  • Take responsibility for their actions to the latter levels within the context of livestock production with guidance and evaluation.
  • Implement practices and procedures while adhering to the relevant safety, quality, hygiene and technical standards as applicable within the industry, with guidance and evaluation.
  • Describe in detail the potential damage and harmful effects to animal products and suggest alternatives to such products.
  • Evaluate and manage livestock according to specific criteria related to their growth stage, anatomical and physiological structures.
  • Describe the scientific and technical principles of animal nutrition, feed, technology and feeding management.
  • Apply basic genetic principles in the planning, implementation and maintenance of livestock breeding systems.
  • Know the best course of action to take when managing sick animals as well as be able to apply repetitive and basic procedures and apply correct dosages for the treatment of common livestock diseases.
  • Describe the historic and geographic origin and distribution of animal species.
  • Be well positioned to extend learning and practice into other specialization fields of livestock production courses offered by Eagmark. This will only require additional learning within the elective scope of other qualifications at the advanced level of Livestock Production.


Eagmark’s online courses combine e-learning with hands-on and shared real-world learning experiences and opportunities using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Students learn independently through the Eagmark Online Learning Campus (OLC)
  2. Faculty/tutors and students work collaboratively through the Eagmark OLC to share information and exchange knowledge.
  3. Students do remote practical assignments and record their work with a mobile device and upload the photos or video as evidence on the Eagmark OLC.

The Eagmark OLC includes advanced tools and functionalities that enable a full suite of blended learning environment. The OLC delivers this functionality through powerful, secure and personalized learning experiences.

Each course cohort is allocated a tutor who oversees the progress of the students. The tutors ensure regular communication and provide guidance as appropriate. The Eagmark OLC also provides a platform for students to communicate with each other and share their course experiences. This provides an advanced, more interactive and meaningful learning experience.